• The Early Career Spotlight Selection Committee (SSC) consists of 3 members. The SSC members are encouraged to reach out to area experts in order to determine the most deserving Spotlight winner(s).
  • Membership: The SSC members are chosen from current and previous members of the RSS foundation and advisory boards. Each member serves for 3 years, with one member leaving / joining the SSC each year.
  • Roles: In the second year of her/his tenure, a member becomes chair of the SSC; in the third year of her/his tenure, the previous SSC chair serves as advisor to the new chair.
  • Election: Each year, the President of the RSS Foundation Board solicits candidates for membership and performs an email vote for whom to add to the board.


Committee Members

  • 2017: Lydia Kavraki (chair), Dieter Fox, Matt Mason, Leslie Kaelbling
  • 2016: Dieter Fox (chair), Wolfram Burgard, Lydia Kavraki, Matt Mason
  • 2015: Dieter Fox (chair), Wolfram Burgard, Lydia Kavraki, Matt Mason


Early Career Spotlight Speakers

  • 2017: TBD
  • 2016: Sangbae Kim (MIT)
  • 2015: Sami Haddadin (Leibniz University Hanover); Robert J. Webster III (Vanderbilt University)
  • 2014: Julie A. Shah (MIT); Ashutosh Saxena (Cornell)
  • 2013: Siddartha Srinivasa (CMU); Hadas Kress-Gazit (Cornell)
  • 2012: Jan Peters (TU Darmstadt); Cyrill Stachniss (U Freiburg); Charlie Kemp (Georgia Tech)
  • 2011: Aaron Dollar (Yale); Drew Bagnell (CMU)
  • 2010: Russ Tedrake (MIT); Pieter Abbeel (UC  Berkeley)
  • 2009: Katherine Kuchenbecker (U Penn)
  • 2008: Eric Klavins (University of Washington); Rob Wood (Harvard University)
  • 2007: Noah J. Cowan (Johns Hopkins University); Hod Lipson (Cornell University)