• call for proposals to host RSS is published (for summer two years later)
  • end of January (usually): paper submission deadline for RSS the same year


  • February 1: Board members have suggested program chair candidates for year n+2
  • February 15: Informal discussions regarding program chair candidates have taken place; based on this discussion the president presents a short list of candidates; board members vote for up to five candidates
  • around mid-February: workshop acceptance notification for the same year


  • March 1: based on the availability of the candidates the president announces the program chair to the board


  • April 1: proposals to host RSS are due for year n+2
  • around end of April: paper acceptance notification for the same year


  • May 1: board and designated program chair have reviewed proposals to host RSS in year n+2
  • May 15: open questions regarding proposals to host RSS are clarified

@ RSS conference (usually last week of June)

  • board votes on location for RSS two years out
  • board retires one member of the regular board and two members of the advisory board
  • the program chair of the next year is added to the board, the retired board member joins the advisory board, an additional advisory board member is selected


  • call for papers and workshops goes out for next year’s RSS
  • web site for next year’s RSS goes up